Property Taxes

When it comes to Property Taxes Townships are doing more with less and all things are not created equal.

When it comes to property tax and who gets what, all things are not created equal. The reality is, Pennsylvania’s townships get a much smaller piece of the funding pie than their county and school district counterparts. Under state tax laws, school districts may levy up to 25 mills in taxes and, depending on their classification, counties can set their rates as high as 30 mills. Meanwhile, townships are only authorized to impose a maximum of 14 mills for general fund revenue. Of course, these rate caps were enacted to protect homeowners from outrageous tax burdens. Still, very few taxpayers may be aware of an exemption in the law that allows school boards to levy unlimited additional millage to pay salaries, benefits and debts. Townships and counties, on the other hand, must go to court for approval to impose an additional 5 mills in taxes, if necessary.

Given this scenario, it is not surprising that in 2000, real estate taxes accounted for 97% of county revenues, 85% of school district revenues, and only 31% of municipal tax revenues, according to the PA State Department of Community and Economic Development. An example would be that in one of Pennsylvania’s fastest growing townships, officials estimate that 9 cents out of every tax dollar goes to the municipality, 17 cents to the county and 74 cents to the school district. Those figures would be less for more rural areas such as Washington County.

That being said, the Supervisors of Mount Pleasant Township strive to give the residents a wealth of services for those few pennies that include, Police and Fire protection, parks and recreation facilities, well maintained roads and infrastructure maintenance. We will maintain a piece of equipment for 20+ years before replacing it, We find ways to cut back and still deliver the services required by the residents and go to extreme lengths to avoid raising taxes. That is our commitment to our residents and community.